Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Business Qualify for Funding?

JMR is able to procure funding for many businesses that traditionally would not be qualified. We can do things that many other companies are not equipped to. When you apply through JMR, we have trained specialists that will help you gather the information that you need in order to help determine the best avenue for you. We promise to take action in order to accommodate your funding needs.

I’m currently considered a startup. Can you still help me?

Generally Speaking startup business have a harder time in their search for capital. JMR has fine tuned the process for startups and developed a creative funding solution for people just like you! A lot of times we find that clients come to us having exhausted resources in their search and often hindering themselves in the process. We will be able to save you time, protect you, and get you the funding you need if you work with us.

What documents are required for me to gain an approval?

This can vary depending on the situation. It is recommended to simply apply online or reach out over the phone in order to have a plan of action created for you after a specialist has assessed your situation. We are trained to waste no time and quickly assess your situation in order to find the best route to go.

What amount of funding can I qualify for?

There are variables here as well. Funding approvals typically will range between $15-200k for our clients. Once we have started the underwriting process with you we generally will have an approval with numbers for you within 12-24 hours.

What are the stipulations on how I use my funding?

This is not important and the use of funds may be flexible. If something comes up within your business, you can use the funding to take care of whatever that might be. We see clients purchase inventory, make repairs, pay bills, or use the funds for working capital for day to day operations.

Can my business be organized as any type of business entity?

Yes. You can use a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp or C Corp. However, banks do prefer to lend to individuals that have formed Corporations or LLC’s. Forming a business entity shows the banks that you are serious about your new venture and that you are willing to take the correct steps to legally protect it. Don't have an entity yet? That's no problem, we can help get your business started correctly no matter what state you are in.

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